Corporate, environmental and quality policy

The corporate philosophy of Galvanotechnik Kessel is characterized by commitment, motivation, continuity and a sense of responsibility. The challenge of the market to achieve higher quality standards for products and services, has provided our company. It is an integral part of our company policy. Customer satisfaction is our highest standard which we want to accomplish each day.
We fulfill it with dedicated service, continuous striving to improve an active investment and innovation policy. Our strengths are flexibility, our availability and reliability and identification with our customer needs. Galvanotechnik Kessel is committed to integrated environmental protection that addresses the causes, assesses the impact of production processes on the environment in advance and includes this in the business decisions. Here are equipment, supplies, production, processes and the resulting products a holistic point mostly saving resources and environmentally friendly design.
Galvanotechnik Kessel is seeking to develop its business in a fair, balanced relationship with long-term and solid designed relationships with its customers. Honesty, respect, courtesy, competence, and reliability are fundamental values for communication with our employees, customers, contractors, authorities, neighbors and all interested parties.
We always strive to fulfill all internal and external (especially by our customers) given quality standards and the requirements contained therein to us.

Quality management

Environmental management

Energy management