Minimum coating with maximum effect

Various desired surface properties can be obtained with help of galvanic coatings.
The functional electroplating is used for corrosion protection, abrasion protection, catalysis and the improvement of electrical conductivity. Screws and machine parts get electroplated as also as catalyst for the chemical industry or fuel cells.

Grateful to the various innovative methods Galvanotechnik Kessel offers reliable surface protection for diverse uses.

Coating portfolio

Here you can find an overview of possible standard coatings. If you cannot find what you are looking for or have questions about coating, standards or procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us!

With clicking the respecting surface in the table, you will get to more detailed information.

Procedure /
rackcomponent dimensions
(max.) [mm]
drumprocedure galvanic / chemicalaftercare
Zinc-nickelX1100 X 2800 X 350Xalkaline / acidgalvanictransparent passivated (thick-film / thin-film)
Zinc-nickelX1200 X 2800 X 350Xalkalinegalvanictransparent black passivated /
sealed, oiled
Zinc-ironX1200 X 2800 X 350alkalinegalvanictransparent passivated (thick-film / thin-film) /
sealed, oiled
Hard chromeX1100 X 400 X 1600Xacidgalvanicoiled
Manganese-phosphatX800 X 900 X 650Xacidchemicaloiled
Zinc-phosphateX800 X 900 X 650Xacidchemicaloiled
Chemically-nickelX800 X 900 X 500Xacidchemicaloiled
CooperX1300 X 700 X 470Xalkalinegalvanicoiled
Tin (matt/gloss)X1300 X 700 X 470Xmatt / glossgalvanicoiled
SilverX1300 X 700 X 470Xalkalinegalvanicantitarnish, oiled
NickelX800 X 900 X 500Xacidgalvanicoiled