Environmental protection is an integral part of our operational activities

Environmental protection belongs to our fundamental corporate objectives and is an integral part of our operational activities. Galvanotechnik Kessel is committed to the improvement of environmental quality in the geographic and social environment, in which we do business.
Environmental protection is not disconnected, among other objectives, but is an integral part which focuses on long-term capital appreciation corporate strategy.
The focus on the highest possible product quality geared to customer requirements including for Galvanotechnik Kessel that exacting environmental standards and a careful use of the natural foundations of life, intra- and intergenerational geared towards
Sustainability. The compliance and regulatory requirements to protect the environment is a matter of course for Galvanotechnik Kessel. In terms of sustainable operational business performance Galvanotechnik Kessel feels also obliged to actively and continuously develop the environmental protection, both in production as well as in all other processes, thus reducing the environmental impact further.